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Hands-on Enhancements at Fountain of Youth Yoga Whitby
Saturday, January 30th
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



All classes at studio 330 are drop-in and offered “by donation”. There are no set fees. Our mission is to offer affordable and accessible yoga with high caliber teachers. We believe the well-guided practice of yoga should be available to everybody. Practicing at a donation based studio means it is important for you to pay what you can so you can afford to practice often and to pay what you can so we can afford to teach often and continue our mission. We are so very grateful to be a part of creating this yoga community with you.

studio33O is named for it’s address because we believe
that yoga – simply yoga – is a call to embrace physical and emotional wellness, foster a community, and to the exploration of self as individuals and our relationship to the

We have evolved aver the years, including adopting a 100% donation-based approach to supporting the studio, but some beliefs are at the core of our purpose:

  • the benefits of yoga are transformative and limitless, so we endeavour to make yoga accessible to all
  • we approach teaching and learning with warmth, clarity in communication, and humour
  • teaching is an act of giving, and our teachers are here to support you in class and talk with you before & after
  • we teach to music, as it lifts the spirit and aids the physical expressiveness of yoga

Class Descriptions

Power – If you do yoga to be strong inside and out, join this 90 minute class of dynamic movement, muscle building postures, and core work. No abs-of-steel required, new and seasoned yogis take this class. Expect to work on both building strength and advanced postures that require strength: if you come often enough, we’ll get you there.
Power Party – You know when you listen to wicked music and feel really fucking cool? We’re going to harness that power of inner-awesome for outward expression on our yoga mats. On Fridays at 5:30pm, join dallas for a 90 minute power yoga class with an unedited hip hop soundtrack.
– explicit lyrics will be played in this class -
Simply Yoga – A 75 minute yoga class for everyone, featuring a little bit of every style of yoga, producing an unpretentious and well rounded practice for the whole studio community. Every body welcome.
Yoga for Athletes – You love your sport(s), and we want you to keep doing what you love: this yoga class is to help you stave off injury by caring for your whole body. Postures will focus on maintaining mobility and dynamic stretching to improve your range of movement and prevent repetitive motion injury.
Restorative Yoga – Giving into softness requires releasing some tension, so we’re combining the best of gentle and restorative yoga. Slow supportive yoga postures to stretch out the areas most prone to carrying stress will be bracketed by indulgent restorative postures for a deeper relaxation. You can expect lots of hands on, soothing cues from teacher, and calming music.
Yin and Tonic – The perfect antidote to the daily grind, “yin and tonic” slows life down in a class that literally gives you breathing space with a blend of yin and restorative yoga, including long holds with healing hands-on from support teachers.
Private Sessions – Deepen your practice with a one-on-one session with a teacher. Develop a home practice, master alignment and challenging poses, and learn how to get yourself out of discomfort by learning poses that
will address areas of weakness or tension in the body (for example: class devoted to “low back release”.) Enjoy
the focused attention of a teacher who will give hands-on weight and support to your postures; finding depth in
the stretch that can only be achieved with the assistance of knowledgeable enhancements.
– – –
Classes can be one-on-one or for groups. Group sessions can be for specific class focuses (introduction to yoga,
advanced posture practices, or restorative yoga) or for community building between you and co-workers, family or
friends. Please email for more information and prices.
– – –
Energy Exchange (EE) Program – The Energy Exchange Program and the people who participate in it
are two of the most important parts of the day to day operations of the studio. They are an integral part of
creating and maintaining the atmosphere, the energy, and the cleanliness of the studio.
This program is intended to provide individuals who simply want to be more involved with the community at the
studio, the chance to practice an unlimited amount at studio 330 in exchange for helping out around the studio.
The trade-off simply works like this: by dedicating 2.5 hours of your time, once a week, Energy Exchange students
are invited to practice an unlimited number of classes at the studio.
The benefit of the energy exchange program lies not only in the unlimited use of the studio, but also encourages
participants to become a part of a community that shares a love for yoga. It is a way to become more involved, to
learn about upcoming events, to get to know the teachers and one’s fellow yogis and certainly, as a result, to
deepen your practice.



Emma completed her teacher training abroad through the School Yoga Institute in 2013, and has been teaching ever since. With influences from a background in human kinetics, anatomy, and biomechanics, her classes have a focus on alignment and body awareness in order to maintain a safe and consistent practice. Sequences are a mix of vinyasa flows and challenging hatha poses, with each movement building on the last. Always complemented with hands on and great tunes.