I believe that the most certain way for our world to recover environmentally, economically and socially, is to support, empower, and educate young girls; and yet females continue to face inequality, violence and fear, especially in developing countries.

Through her work, Haynes suggests these children have the potential to realize their most ambitious dreams, if only they are given the privilege of opportunity.  

This woman has seemingly fallen victim to a society that chooses not to support equality.



Mixed media 120″ x 60″

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will go directly to help the women and children of DR Congo.

Artist - Heather Haynes

When I was 16 years old my great Aunt passed away and left me her paints and brushes… this gift fuelled my passion and I set my sights on studying fine art at university.When I finished my 4 years at McMaster University in Hamilton I began sewing and selling hats under the brand “Hats by Heather”. I did this for a couple of years and this taught me how to sell, and how to hustle to create. I learned about running a small business and making things to sell. In 1995 I began painting again with the support of my life partner and new husband Jeff Montgomery. We moved into a converted one-room schoolhouse and started a family soon after. I am not one for being patient and so I was ready to start this “thing called life” at full speed ahead. After the birth of our first son, I found I needed to paint more than ever. With limited time available, I soon learned I had to just show up and put the paint on the canvas… inspiration would come to meet me.I used my entrepreneurial spirit to hold art shows at our home at first, and then later in others' homes, in other cities. People began buying, and collecting, my paintings and I slowly built a name for myself as an artist. I was happy to be creating and very happy to be selling. The perfect exchange of energy! My early buyers are the ones I cherish the most as I believe they were doing much more than purchasing a painting… they were investing in my future. I was going to do everything I could to make them proud.