Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa means “to place in a special way” and describes a dynamic practice where poses are linked to each other in an intelligent sequence. Suitable for all as our instructors give a variety of options depending on where you are in your yoga practice.

Hatha Flow
A form of yoga that combines the physical postures of Hatha yoga with the fluidity of a Vinyasa flow. It allows for a slower, more intentional practice, but still offers the opportunity to move with breath and build strength and flexibility. Suitable for all levels.



Power Flow
A class for those looking to link breath with movement to create an energizing and powerful experience. It incorporates dynamic sequencing and active postures to create a powerful, challenging, and invigorating practice. Suitable for those with a little more yoga experience.

Slow Flow
A calming blend of slow flow and long, supported holds, this class consists of about 45 minutes of simple, fluid movements followed by 45 minutes of deeply relaxing restorative postures. The perfect way to set the tone for your upcoming week! Appropriate for all levels, and suitable for those with limited range of motion.

Our most gentle class. This class consists of 6-10 reclining and seated postures that are fully supported with props, intended to cultivate integration and relaxation in the body, soothe the nervous system and quiet the mind. Expect NO dynamic movement! This class is appropriate for all levels, and suitable for those with limited range of motion.

A slow-paced class consisting of passive floor stretches mainly targeting the connective tissue in the lower body—hips, thighs and low spine. Poses are supported with props and typically held for up to five minutes. This class is appropriate for all levels, and suitable for those with limited range of motion.

Ashtanga comes from Mysore in India and is a set sequence of postures linked together through movement. The postures become one at a time more challenging and the attention is on the breath. Each movement of the body fits within the breath in a calm and focused way. You can call it a breathing moving practice.
The first series is called Primary Series and consists of Sun Salutations, a standing sequence, a seated sequence, backbends and a closing sequence. There are 6 series in the Ashtanga tradition, Primary series is the one usually taught in led classes. In a led Primary Series class the teacher calls the postures, and the students follow the cueing. This class is usually led in Sanskrit. Due to the repetition over weeks of the same postures the students can see their practice advance before their eyes. As always variations are offered when needed.

For those new to yoga or those looking for a refresh. Improve range of motion, increase flexibility, and find better balance through functional movements, and learn about what yoga means on and off the mat. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, and will leave feeling prepared for drop-in classes and confident in your ability to move safely in your practice in the studio or at home. This class will cycle through 4 main themes—attend consistently for a month to get the whole picture. 1st week of each month: standing poses; 2nd week: forward folds and hip openers; 3rd week: backbends; 4th week: twists. 5 Wednesdays in a month? 5th week: surprise!

Master Class
This 90-minute class takes place once a month. Please don’t be dissuaded by the term “masterclass“  This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you who want to dig deeper, who want to learn more about your yoga practice, about your body and mind. You don’t have to be a super advanced practitioner. (But advanced practitioners are welcome, of course.) If you are keen to understand more and willing to work, our monthly, 90-minute masterclass will suit you well. Each session will be dedicated to one or several related challenging poses. Our goal is not to master those poses in a ready-made approach, but to break them down in an intelligent way and to really understand and make the poses accessible. Each session will include a brief discussion of relevant philosophy and anatomy, a carefully sequenced class to prepare the body, an in-depth look at each challenging pose including accessible variations, relaxation, and meditation.

Qi Gong
A 4000 year-old ancient Chinese wellness practice that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an elegant, meditative movement practice that combines gentle movement, breath practice and meditation to create a calm, natural balance of energy.
Appropriate for all level.