Nathan McCready

With background in martial arts, fitness training and power lifting, Nathan has come to deeper understanding of the balance that we all require in our lives, not only within our body, but also within our mind and spirit. His daily mindfulness practice now includes yoga, qi gong and reiki. He believes yoga should be a self-exploration both in the physical and spiritual aspects but should be fun and playful as well.

Liz Huntly

Liz Huntly (she/her) has travelled worldwide leading workshops and retreats, and guest teaching at festivals, conferences and in teacher trainings. Rooted in her own intense practice, her teaching offers a unique blend of detailed anatomy and alignment instruction with storytelling, philosophy, meditation and mindfulness, marrying modern and traditional approaches to yoga. When not on the mat, you’ll find her cooking up sweet treats at her Sydenham bakery Grains & Goods, or getting muddy in the vegetable garden with her two boys, tending to a small crew of chickens and goats, and exploring her connection to the land.

Hang Nhan

As a former high school teacher, Hang’s style of teaching is inclusive, fun and full of wisdom. Her classes are inspired from her personal experience in fitness, yoga anatomy, acupressure, massage, Reiki, mixed martial arts, and various styles of yoga and Qi Gong including her first love, the Lohan’s system of Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocades). Hang’s teaching is joyful, nurturing, and dynamic. Be prepared to laugh or at least smile in Hang’s classes. She focuses on good alignment, stability, and breath to help connect to the highest form of mindfulness. Hang often reminds students that, “There’s no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” Hang follows the teachings of Zen teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh and regularly visits Plum Village Monastery in various parts of the world to deepen her mindfulness practice. Hang has spent the last decade eating, learning and traveling around the world leading workshops, retreats and teacher trainings and guest teaching at schools and conferences.

Sarah Martin

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sarah’s yoga journey began when she moved to Vietnam in 2007. Yoga was her oasis from the hustle and bustle of busy Saigon. Many years later, yoga continues to be her oasis in motherhood and chasing after a non-stop toddler. Sarah has traveled worldwide leading retreats and teacher trainings, and regularly visits Plum Village Monastery to deepen her mindfulness practice with Zen teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. She has a special focus on yoga for women’s health including menstrual cycle awareness, fertility, pregnancy, menopause, and yoga practices to support all experiences of femininity throughout a woman’s life. In her yoga classes, Sarah's soothing voice will invite you to bring presence and joy to your practice with lots of space to honour how you're feeling. Her intention is that you float out of class smiling to life.​ ​

Jeb Thorley

Jeb balances humour, kindness, and respect in his dynamic classes, encouraging your body and mind to stay present in the blissful moment. His hands-on assists will help you explore a deeper expression of a posture, melting your tension and creating space. Join Jeb as he helps you find your edge in a playful and thoughtful manner.

Marc Leblanc

To say it was love at first savasana is an understatement. Yoga is one thing I can't live without. It has helped me find a way to trust myself more fully, in both a physical and mental capacity. It has also pushed me to try new things and look at life with a new perspective. As a teacher I value learning and try to live my life in a way that continues to foster learning and growth. I'm committed to learning new things both on and off the mat and feel this brings fresh energy to my students. My goal is not only to share my experience and knowledge with my students, but to also encourage them to explore their own experience through a beginners lens.

Gill Brown

I began my yoga journey as a young child and have been teaching yoga since 2004 after travelling to the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Since then I have had the opportunity to study a variety of different styles of yoga and other healing modalities which I pull from when leading a yoga practice. I am committed to the growth of my students by offering informed sequencing and relevant alignment instruction in a compassionate and lighthearted way. I always aim to teach in a manner that is accessible and empowering by both designing and communicating in a way that allows each student to understand their own unique body's needs.

Monique Sauve

I have been a part of the Kingston yoga community for many years, and teaching for most of them. I have practiced many different styles from Ashtanga to Sivenanda to Bikram. When I’m not practicing yoga I like to run Marathons. In running there is so much power in movement and yoga is the perfect compliment to find power in stillness and mind and body connection. In my classes I encourage discovery and helping students find their edge with a light hearted approach. I think there are too many things in life we suffer for and yoga should not be one of those. I like to incorporate modern elements such as rock music while still abiding by and including the traditions of yoga-breath and movement. I love to share my love of the practice with others.

Frederique Seroude

She/her. Also French. And Star Wars fan. Frédérique (reluctantly) started her Yoga journey in 2008 when she was brought to a studio by her then 15 year old daughter. Little did she know it would change her life. After that first (hot) class she felt empowered, strong, humble, sweaty and deeply curious about Yoga and its many forms and in 2012 she became a teacher of her own. In 2009 she fell in love with Ashtanga and has been practicing under the guidance of her teacher David Robson since 2014. Through her daily practice she has learned to unlearn, to build and rebuild, to trust and inquire, to see and feel, to challenge her own views and never take anything for granted. Frédérique truly believes that Yoga is the best journey one can start and that anyone can do it, there is always a way. She does her best to share what she has learned so far with her students through simple and precise cueing with a dose of humour, quite a thick French accent and a few Star Wars quotes.

Ashley Simpson

Why yoga? Well for me, once I started, I couldn’t stop! Yoga is a lifetime practice. It is evergreen. Always changing, always evolving, much like our daily lives. Yoga is an opportunity to move the body in order to still the mind. It is an opportunity to be with the breath. An opportunity to cultivate peace, love and joy, on and off the mat. Yoga is a personal venture to slow down and seek something greater. It is a privilege to be able to mindfully guide fellow yogis to trust their own inner teacher. I have been living practice every day for the past decade. Each day my practice challenges me. It has taught me greater awareness. It has taught me that every day is different. It has taught me to breathe. It has taught me to be strong. It has taught me that some days it is hard to be mindful, breathe, and be strong and that, is okay. Always keep coming back. I received my 200-hour YTT & Mindfulness certification with Saigonom in 2018 and have been teaching ever since. I have also obtained my Level 2 Shamballa Reiki Partitioner Certification and am currently in the process of completing my 300-hour YTT certification.

Amy McEwen

I have been interested in spiritual development for many years and now I am excited to share my love of yoga with the world. My focus is on helping people take steps towards cultivating peace. Yoga for me is bringing the mind into sanctuary and allowing it to heal through movement and breath. I am also a Usui and Karuna Reiki master as well as an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner. I like to integrate this energy work with yoga and onto the mat with each practice and class. I am a lover of learning and will continue to grow and develop giving me more tools to share with all of my students. My goal is that you leave my class with a sliver more peace than you arrived.

Karin Merkel-Dirksen

I began practicing yoga 20 years ago to add flexibility to my workouts. I enjoyed the calm that connecting to my breath brought when I practiced , and so began the beginning of a lifelong practice and love affair with yoga . My mindfulness practice, combined with my career in mental health have contributed to my own wellness journey and a love of sharing tools for self care, and finding peace within. My journey as a yoga teacher began when I traveled to Vietnam for Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training with Saigon Om, it was a life changing experience and I have been blessed to teach since. I enjoy learning and sharing and approach life with a beginners mind, having completed Restorative yoga teacher training and related workshops with Andrea Peloso. Saigon Om training in Yin yoga, restorative yoga and workshops in fascia release, and qi gong. I am currently enjoying enriching my learnings in Qi gong, and completing a certificate in sound therapy with Institute of Traditional medicine. I hold a warm nurturing peaceful space for my students to explore their practice , with a sprinkling of mindfulness and corny jokes. I believe this beautiful practice is for all bodies,and abilities, and options are always given. What gives me joy is a long savasana, and seeing the smiling peaceful faces of my students.

Rose-Marie Theriault

The practice of movement has been at the core of Rose’s life since an early age. Through countless years of professional dance training, she studied pilates, gyrokinesis and other somatic movement and functional training approaches. And then came yoga. And although it took her a few years to truly grasp the depth of this practice, she kept finding herself coming back to it, again and again.Since 2010, teaching has become a great and humbling path of service and connectivity. Her classes are rooted in mindfulness and sustainability, designed with intention to offer an embodied experience of self-care and inquiry. In her practice, she embraces the healing depth of gentleness and keeps falling deeply in love with the subtle.As a former birth doula and birth educator teaching body-balancing for optimal fetal positioning, Rose has also developed a passion and expertise for prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.When she is not teaching yoga, you can find her spending time with her family, caring for her son, cooking up something nourishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Katy Palaic

Like many, Katy began her yoga journey as an antidote to stress during university. Her yoga practice allowed her to integrate movement and breath, in an intentional and joyful way. Katy completed her yoga teacher training to go deeper in her own practice and to create the opportunity to share with others. She hopes that you join her in class to explore yourself, as you are, to celebrate breath, movement, and curiosity. Above all, she hopes that you show up ready to play and explore!

Perri Van Rossem

Wanda Praamsma

sound bath

Miriam Lyon

Perri Van Rossem